Physics Based Operational Digital Twin (PBO-DT   ) for Industrial Assets


Twin Dynamics provides data-driven maintenance solutions for industrial assets. These scalable and predictive solutions are derived by integrating physics-based simulations with real-time operational data.

We intend to revolutionise industry by making predictive maintenance a reality. Our goal is to propel industries toward digitisation and transform archaic industrial practices.

Bringing Predictive Power 

Our solutions are unlocking efficiencies for leading operators in asset-heavy industries

Condition Monitoring of Manufacturing Machines

Remote Monitoring of Pipelines

Helping Machine Manufacturers to harness the power of Digital Twin

Our tailored approach is to automate and enhance industrial assets integrity, allows us to deploy customised Digital Twin solutions that deliver tangible advancements to production efficiency, machine downtime, maintenance scheduling and quality control applications.

According to the report by Vanson Bourne and ServiceMax, a GE Digital company, around half of industrialists are planning to invest in digital tools such as a digital twin (55%) and artificial intelligence (50%) within the next three years.



The concept of a digital twin isn’t a new one; there are numerous successful versions on the market. While most digital twin companies focus on structural aspect of an industrial asset, our major focus in towards fluid dynamics.

Fluid dynamics problems are notoriously difficult to solve. Most importantly, these problems demand huge computational power which makes it near impossible to solve them in real-time. This puts limitation on building digital twin for industrial assets involving fluid dynamics. Following are some of the notable industrial problems that are dictated by fluid dynamics.

  • Corrosion under Insulation (CUI)

  • Corrosion and Erosion within Oil & Gas pipelines

  • Air flow through ventilation systems (HVAC)

  • Built environment to reduce fuel poverty

  • Blood flow within artificial heart (MedTech)

At Twin Dynamics, we foster innovative thinking for challenging problems. We have come up with innovative solutions that significantly cut computation time for fluid dynamics systems and derive digital twin. Our digital twin surpass the current market capabilities by taking over fluid dynamics related industrial problems. This powerful twin can provide detail level asset information that enable predictive analysis.


Twin Dynamics Digital Twin is a Reduced sub-space FEA and CFD, which is the next generation simulation technology; fast, detailed, accurate.

Cloud-based asset integrity representation and enhanced collaboration between engineers.

Asset sensory data is integrated with numerical simulation data in real-time to predict the know-how within the asset integrity.

Detailed visualisation of the industrial asset with ability to modify the system/asset to prevent failures using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligent systems.

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