Safe & Secure

Actively manage occupant safety by smartly curbing the ongoing risks associated with the airborne transmission of diseases


Bringing The Power of Digital Twin

Our patent pending digital twin technology maps centimetre by centimetre the airflow and thermal insights within indoor spaces. It is this expert mapping which helps in tracking the spread of respiratory droplets and aerosols. It is known that heavier droplets may travel two metres before settling down. However, the lighter micro-particles (aerosols) tend to be suspended in air for longer time, thus increasing the risk of exposure.

Our digital twin technology aims to answer:

  • in which direction the heavier particles will travel and what surface might get contaminated?

  • where will aerosols be circulated to and how will they re-circulate because of ventilation systems?

Answering these questions dramatically reduces the risk of cross infection. Our digital twin based services are designed to help counter risks and are tailored to particular needs.


Twin Dynamics offers services to mitigate the risk of airborne virus transmission by:

  • Adjusting office layouts

  • Developing ventilation strategies

  • Developing occupancy policies

  • Developing safer work practices

  • Developing targeted cleaning policies

Hotels & Restaurants

Twin Dynamics offers services to mitigate the risk of airborne virus transmission by:

  • Recommending seating arrangements

  • Guidance on improving occupancy

  • Developing safer dining practices

  • Developing targeted cleaning policies

Our Digital Twin based services are helping customers comply with ISO/PAS 45005:2020 Health and Safety standard