We are experts in Design, Analysis & Solidworks® API 

Our approach:

We provide creative solutions to clients around the world, we are a young and vibrant Product Design Agency with fresh ideas and a clear ambition to achieve innovative market-leading designs. HMU Design aims to become a go-to Product Development Agency in the UK - not only for  Design & Innovation - but for a greater customer experience through our renowned personal approach.

To keep things simple, our Design Process follows three main steps:



We work with you and your team to immerse ourselves in the situational context and get to the heart of the problem. This way we are able to fully understand the issues and - more importantly - the opportunities we are presented with. During this stage we focus on identifying causes and creating a plethora of innovative conceptual solutions to combat this.


We then bring together all of these concept solutions and identify ways in which we can integrate them into one manufacturable and market-viable solution. Through the development stage we design products that are not only conceptually sound but also commercially viable in terms of production and cost, using 3D Modelling & Analysis Software.


We then take the final theoretical solution and bring it to life. This is done through Virtual and Physical Prototyping, with the Virtual aspect creating 3D Rendered Images and Animations and the Physical phase producing both Functionally and Aesthetically realistic physical representations of the design.