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In June 2020, Twin Dynamics realised the role airborne transmission of aerosol will play in spreading the virus. This early realisation came through an outbreak that occurred in a restaurant based in Guangzhou, China. On investigation, airflow patterns due to air conditioning was documented as a crucial factor for the outbreak. Twin Dynamics immediately started working towards an air science solution to make indoor spaces resilient to such outbreaks. In September 2020, Twin Dynamics secured UK government funding to accelerate the development of a technology to tackle the spread of coronavirus in indoor spaces. After intensive period of research and development, Twin Dynamics is proud to present digital twin technology that offers to track respiratory droplets and aerosols spreading within indoor spaces.



It’s an exciting time at Twin Dynamics as we build a challenger brand in the simulation space. We’re looking for passionate and ambitious people with tonnes of grit, who want to play a part in bringing science fiction to life.


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We have a team of exceptionally talented people. Our team of scientists and engineers are among some of the best in the world and are connected with the most advanced research centres.