We provide creative solutions to clients around the world.

We are experts in Design, Analysis & Solidworks® API  


Design for Manufacture, Cost Engineering and Product Development are all services that we offer. We have experience in fabrications, sheet metal, plastics and assembled products.


British Standards

HMU Design take pride in adhering to British standards within manufacturing, the medical sector and a multitude of other industries. Please contact us to find out more.



Manufacturers can be sourced and quotes gathered for consideration. We have an extensive database of manufacturers, ranging from fabricators to injection moulders.



We have a wealth of experience in Drafting and can accommodate however much detail is needed in a drawing to convey what is required. Please get in touch for more information.


Design Validation

Designs can be validated through the use of FEA. This allows for peace of mind for a product withstanding required performance parameters before manufacture.



Renderings and other design materials can be extremely helpful for marketing purposes – we can provide this at high quality.